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Divine Beauty is a skin and body care specialist providing high quality treatments, products and methods in a relaxing atmosphere.


Level 1: DMK Enzyme Therapy
No pre-exfoliation
Level 2: DMK Enzyme Therapy
Perfect for all skin concerns, re-educates cells to regulate skin functioning at its best
Level 2.1: Bihaku
Brightening facial treatment designed to plump, hydrate and even out skin tone.
Level 3: DMK Muscle Banding
Lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep, contacting signals to muscles
Level 3.1: Double Removal Enzyme Therapy
Treatment design for your skin needs. Hydrates and stimulates collagen production
Level 4: DMK Advanced Resurfacing
Address conditions such as severe acne, deep wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring.
$190 – 200
Level 4.1: Pro-lift 
Using a combination of enzymes, multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid infusion
Lunch-time Peel
AHA & BHA. 45 minutes.
Transdermal Nutrition
Generate cellular change
Soothing Facial
Hydrates and strengthens the skins immunity against external agressions. 75 minutes.
Anti-ageing Firming Facial
Helps minimise fine lines and dark spots for a tighter, smoother and luminous complexion with marine native cells and vitamin C. 75 minutes.
Deluxe Facial
Tailored especially for your skin, from deep cleansing and balancing to calming and strengthening. 60 minutes.
Youth Facial
Avoid skin damage and problem skin by getting correct advice – great for teenagers and men. 45 minutes.
Express Facial
Ideal for all skin types – includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam and mask. 30 minutes.



Eye Lash Tint $25
Eye Brow Tint $15
Eye Brow Tint & Eye Brow Wax $30
Eye Lash Tint & Eye Brow Tint $35
Eye Lash Tint, Eye Brow Tint & Eye Brow Wax $45


Eye Lash Lift & Eye Lash Tint $85
Eye Brow Dye and Brow Wax $55
The Chamomile Jelly Mask – Brow area $25
Eye Mask $30
Divine Manicure
Nail & Cuticle Care, Hand Soak, Exfoliating Treatment, Hand Massage & Polish. 45 mins
Express Manicure
Nail & Cuticle Care plus Polish. 30 mins
Divine Pedicure
Nail & Cuticle Care, Foot Soak, Exfoliating Treatment, Heel Buff, Foot Massage, Mask & Polish. 60 mins
Medi Pedi
Foot treatment for cracked, dry, sore feet. 45 minutes
Express Pedicure $50
File and Polish $35
Gel Polish Shellac Extra $10
Full body $40
Half body $25


Full Leg $48
Three Quarter Leg $42
Half Leg (lower) $32
Half Leg (upper) $38
G-String $32
Bikini $25
Full Arm $40
Half Arm $30
Under Arm $25
Eye brow $25
Lip / Chin / Sides $20
Full Face $45
Brazilian First Visit $60
Brazilian follow Up (under 4 wks) $50


Full Leg & Bikini $70
Full Leg, Bikini & Under Arm $85
Half Leg (lower) and Bikini $50
Half Leg (lower), Bikini & Under Arm $70
Brazilian with any above wax package $20
Eye Brow & Lip $30
Eye Brow with wax package $20
Lip & chin $25


Full Back $45
Half Back $35
Stomach & Chest $50
Eye Brow $25


Cheeks $35
Eyebrows $30
Nose $20
Upper Lip $30
Chin $45
Lip and Chin $60
Sideburns $35


Back of Neck $50
Shoulders $70
Full Back $200
Half Back $150
Upper Arms $100
Lower Arms $130
Underarms  $50
Fingers $30
Fingers and Hands $50
Chest $70
Stomach $50


Bikini $55
Extended Bikini $75
Brazilian $90
Anus $25
Buttocks $100
Full Leg $400
Upper Leg $250
Lower Leg $270
Toes $30
Feet and Toes $55


Underarms and Bikini  $90
Underarms and Extended Bikini  $115
Underarms and Brazilian $125
Underarms, Bikini and Half Leg $360


Full Body Sea Salt Scrub
A pure blend of sea salts, seaweed extract and earth salts to invigorate the body from feelings of stress, tension and fatigue. 30 mins
Full Body Sea Salt Scrub and Full Body Massage
A pure blend of sea salts, seaweed extract and earth salts to invigorate the body from feelings of stress, tension and fatigue. 60 minutes
De-stress Treat
Deluxe facial and back massage. 90 minute
Body Enzyme
Deep exfoliating, rebuilding and strengthening arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach area. 45 minutes
Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage
Designed to relieve muscle tensions & discomfort. Pressure can range from light to firm. Total relaxation using a blend of aromatherapy oils to suit each individual’s needs.
30 mins $60
45 mins $75
60 mins $88
90 mins $140
Warm Stone Massage
Warm smooth basalt stones melt away tension and stress sending into deep relaxation. 90 mins
Low-Level Light Therapy 
LLLT with Healite II is the therapeutic use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) light to enhance your body’s natural cellular recover, improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne, promoting skin rejuvenation and more. the pain-free and non-invasive treatment delivers concentrated energy deep into your tissue affecting your body at a cellular level.
Acne Solution   45 minutes                $130
Skin Rejuvenation  45 minutes          $130
Wound Recovery  30 minutes           $110
Purchase 8 LED                                    $880
Add LED with any Skin revision
or facial treatment  20 minutes         $40
Hydra Facial
Microdermabrasion that exfoliates and refreshes with vitamin C infusion. 60 minutes



Hydrabrasion Package

 Includes 3 fortnightly Hydra Facials with your fourth Hydra Facial complimentary